It Is Not Permissable To Contact Advertisers With Any Service Or Other Commercial Interest.

Notice to advertisers:

Nagle Publications, Inc., provides a service to you, as an advertiser and also to those who read Nagle Publications, Inc., so please print clearly your description, be accurate and it is to your advantage to list a price and send the best photo possible. If your vehicle sells please notify us of this. Please check your advertisement for accuracy the first issue it appears and notify us if there is an error, so it can be corrected. Changes such as price, change of phone number, etc., or a whole new description will have a $5.00 charge and must be mailed in with the page number and issue date (errors and solds must have page number and issue date also but can be phoned in). Deadlines dates are on Fridays 9:00 a.m. and are listed along with the Issue date in which your ad first appear. No refunds after ad appears in Magazine or internet. NOTE: The date on the cover of Nagle Publications, Inc., is predated two weeks. Nagle Publications, Inc., goes to press Friday afternoon of the deadline date and is sent out to distributors the following Thursday & Friday, and should start hitting the newsstands the following week, up to two weeks before the date on the magazine depending on location

Rate change:

Rates are subject to change on notice from Publisher without any advance notice to the public. Publisher guarantees that signed orders and contracts will be honored at contract rates. Verbal contracts will be honored for 2 months following announcement of change. After ad appears in Magazine or Internet there is no refund.


Nagle Publications, Inc., is a service to its advertisers; and is not responsible for any vehicles, products, services or advertisements which are advertise. Nagle Publication, Inc., does not investigate advertisements placed in Nagle Publications, Inc., and is not liable for any advertisements. Due care and diligence is used in proofreading advertising copy for accuracy, but no warranty is implied or given by the publisher, and does not take responsibility for printing errors. Please check your order form for accuracy, proofreading is taken from your written in copy and will be spelled, punctuated off that unless the errors obvious. Nagle Publications, Inc., reserve the right to refuse, revise or abbreviate any ad for reason of suitability or space availability. Photographs sent to Nagle Publications, Inc., will not be returned unless specified by a business in display advertising. Advertiser and Nagle Publications, Inc., are not responsible for typographical errors, mistakes or misprints but Nagle Publications, Inc., will correct the error caused by us, and if a major mistake will be corrected and run at the full term 2 months. There is no refund after picture is either taken by a photo rep. or is camera ready for press which could be before the deadline date. If cancelled before press date but the copy is already typeset and photographed, it will not be placed in the magazine unless already laid out and no money will be refunded. So call as soon as possible. All advertisements accepted and published by the publisher upon the representation that of the agency and/or advertiser is properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. In consideration of the publishers acceptance of advertisements or publication, the agency and/or advertiser will indemnify and save the harmless from and against any loss, expense or other liability resulting from any claim, suits, or liable, violation or right of privacy, plagiarism or copy right infringement. Publisher will not be bound by conditions printed or appearing on order blanks or copy instruction. Also advertisements created by Nagle Publication, Inc., are the property of Nagle Publications, Inc., and you must have written permission to publish or reproduced any or all. Nagle Publications, Inc., is not responsible for the actions, verbal comments/promises or written agreements of Photo Reps. Photo Reps. are self-contracted and self-employed. Mistakes in advertisements caused by Photo Reps although will be corrected at no charge. if there is to be a written or verbal contract/agreement it must be authorized by the Publisher, so call the office for information on agreements written or verbal.

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