Advertising Information

Important information about our advertising services

Nagle Publications, Inc., provides a service to you, as an advertiser and also to those who read Nagle Publications, Inc., so please clearly print your description, be accurate, and it is to your advantage to list a price and send the best photo possible.

If your vehicle sells, please notify us of the sale.

Please check your advertisement for accuracy in the first issue it appears, and notify us if there is an error, so it can be corrected. If it is our error, or if there is a sale, you may phone in the page number and date, and we will make the correction or necessary update at no charge.

Changes such as price, change of phone number, etc., or a whole new description will have a $5.00 charge, and must be mailed in with the page number and issue date.

Deadline dates for private ads are always on FRIDAY at 9:00 AM, and are listed along with the date that your ad will first appear.

NOTE: The date on the cover of Nagle Publications, Inc. magazines are predated two weeks! Nagle Publications, Inc. goes to press Friday afternoon of the deadline date and is sent out to distributors the following Thursday and Friday, and will hit the newsstands the following week, and can be up to two weeks before the date on the magazine depending on location. No refunds once ad appears in either magazine or on website.

RENEWALS: If your ad has expired within the last month and you wish to rerun it, using the same photo, you may mail a $19.50 fee to run two issues, and ad text copy of 30 words or less to us at 

Nagle Publications, Inc.
PO Box 663 
Dubuque, IA 52004-0663

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