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About Us

Since 1977 we were then what today might be considered the modern day Internet. We brought buyers and sellers together through our publications (WHEELER DEALER, AUTOS UNLIMITED) via the newsstands, nationwide. When we had no computers, internet or modern day websites, all we had were magazines to get out what we had to sell to buyers, and we were there. We continue that purpose and commitment to our readers, buyers and sellers today. We were one of the first then and today still strive to give you what we gave you then, bringing buyers and sellers together, through our magazines and now our website wheelerdealer.co. We were there then, now, and will be in the future. We can give you what we gave you then, and more.

We will bring you and your vehicle, or what you have to sell, to our readers and Web Site audience, together. Through our publications and websites, you will find buyers for what you have to sell and sellers who want to buy. Our magazines are distributed Nationwide and Canada via the newsstand and Worldwide through our Internet Websites. We have distributed millions of magazines and have had millions upon millions of hits to our Websites. We can deliver what you need, whether buying or selling. I give you my personal guarantee, as Owner/Publisher and 40+ year auto enthusiast.


Jeff C. Nagle

Profile, Demographics, and Circulation

Our publications maintain up to 100,000 circulation every month. A pioneer in the automotive publishing field over 30 years, Wheeler Dealer Magazine was founded in 1977. Since 1977 Wheeler Dealer Magazine & Autos Unlimited has published over 17 million copies for the active car enthusiasts.

Wheeler Dealer Magazine & Autos Unlimited serves 48 contiguous states, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, England, Germany, France and Sweden through excellent newsstand and consumer oriented subscribers.

Wheeler Dealer Magazine & Autos Unlimited are published every 3 weeks. By doing so, Wheeler Dealer Magazine & Autos Unlimited continuously offers fresh material and advertising to our loyal readers nationwide.

Surveys show that over 94 % of all vehicles advertised in Wheeler Dealer Magazine & Autos Unlimited are sold.

Your ad appears in both Wheeler Dealer Magazine & Autos Unlimited (which are circulated nationwide), and on the Internet.

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